Lesley's button collection - Dandy and Dress
These are the dandy and dress buttons in Lesley's collection.

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Image 1
Fancy waistcoat blue glass half ball
Hammond Turner & Son. Two piece.

Image 2
Whistle backs green/red glass
Hammond Turner & Son. Two piece.

Image 3
Fancy lines
Hammond Turner and Son

Image 4
Underwear four hole
Hammond, Oxford St - Manchester? London? One piece.

Image 5
Whistle backs black glass
Hammond Turner and Son. Two piece.

Image 6
Half-round crystal
Hammond Turner and Son. Two piece.
Has been converted into a cufflink, no damage.

Image 7
'Gold' spun circles
Hammond Turner and Dickenson. One piece, flat. This button is in astoundingly good condition for its age. It was bought from a North American seller.

Image 8
Basket weave
Described by the seller as silver plated, this button has the backmark H T & Sons Best Qualty Plated (sic) which is in the backmarks gallery.

Image 9
Marbled glass waistcoat button
H T & Sons

Image 10
Plain front
Backmark: Hammond Turner & Sons For John Bowen & Son

Image 11
Marbled glass
Complete with central brass dot in central hole, presumably attached to shank and used to secure it and backplate to the glass through pressure. HT & Sons

Image 12
'Milk glass'
This domed back button looks almost like pearl. H T & Sons Birm

Image 13
Interlocking triangles
Clear-cut triangles with central motif. H T & Sons