One of Pixie's kittens, born in March 2009.

One of Emily's second litter of kittens, Halfpenny was born in 1992 and went to live about 3 miles away with a wonderfully kind, eccentric lady when he was old enough. For a few years he occasionally came to stay whilst his owner was on holiday and he behaved as if he'd never been away. Over the years we lost contact but recently his owner died and Halfpenny has returned to our home for good. He has settled in perfectly, loves the heat of a fire and, unusually for our cats, likes to go outside quite often.

We spotted Pixie one night on our fox surveillance camera and then discovered she had been living in our garage roofspace. Tempted indoors by food (and football) she quickly became fairly tame but is regularly threatened by Sheba. Pixie is very young, strong willed and independent and can't resist climbing into vehicles, which is probably how she came here. She gave birth to three kittens on the 10th March.

Another of Pixie's kittens, Poppy was the smallest for a while but now seems to be larger than her sister Abby.

Following the death of an aunt, we volunteered to give a new home to her black and silver, oriental spotted tabby, Sheba. When she arrived we had eight other cats and Sheba, from a one-cat household, found it quite unsettling for many months and couldn't bear to have any other cats near her. With the passage of time and the passing of cats she is now settled and we enjoy her company tremendously. Warm, friendly and affectionate, she loves people. Aged eighteen years, Sheba likes to keep the newly-arrived kittens in their place.