Christopher Connolly's Photographic Tour

The photographs and details have been supplied by Michael's 3rd cousin, Christopher Connolly. Christopher lives in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and is a great grandson of Michael Connolly (1853-1921).

Glentworth © 2008 Christopher Connolly Glentworth

Glentworth was the birthplace of Albert Bradshaw. He was born on the 3rd of June 1893.
Barrow Hill

Considerably less rural and pretty, but no different probably, in terms of hard lives and poverty for the people who lived there. William and Martha Hall, along with Martha's mother Elizabeth Chapman, raised their family here, including Samuel, born 26th January 1887.
Barrow Hill © 2008 Christopher Connolly


Scarsdale Hospital, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly
Scarsdale Hospital

The hospital was known in the 19th century as The Union Workhouse. Among the unfortunate Irish born residents who died here are Peter Lavender (1864) and Patrick Connolly (1875). Currently, my feeling is that the Peter Lavender in question is probably John's father and Alice's grandfather, but that Michael and Stephen's father was not the Patrick who died here, but I could be wrong on both matters. In its later incarnation this building was the birthplace of our Greg and Jonny. It is now derelict, a pretty sad sight.

Church of the Annunciation

Situated in Spencer Street this is Chesterfield's Catholic Church and the venue for many family baptisms, weddings and funerals.
The Church of the Annunciation, Spencer Street, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly

St Mary's Gate, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly
St Mary's Gate

As it appears in the year 2000. To the left is Church Way, formerly the end of Church Lane, with the top of Spa Lane opposite. The Plough Inn, home of the Lavenders, in 1891, was situated where the County Court is today, where the black railings are towards the right of the picture.

St Mary's Place

The nameplate on the wall at the side of Holywell Carpets reads St Mary's Place - home to Stephen and Annie Connolley in the middle of the 1890s. There are no houses there now and St Mary's Place exists only as Huckleberry Willow's car park. The green traffic light marks the top of Hollis Lane or what's left of it. The tall impressive building was the old Scarsdale Brewery.

St Mary's Place, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly

Spa Lane, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly

Spa Lane

Home in 1881 to Michael and Stephen's sister Mary, her husband Thomas Mullarkey and their son, Patrick. The Mullarkeys were married in 1878 in Widnes and, to the best of our knowledge, returned there in the 1880s and never returned to live in Chesterfield. No houses are left here now but at least the lane still has some of its cobbles.

Church Lane

The lane barely exists at all today. The pub at the end was built in 1930 and is said to be on the site of the previous Crooked Spire Inn which, in 1891, was three doors away from the home of Alice and Michael Connolly. All six of Alice and Michael's children were born at addresses on Church Lane.

Church Lane, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly
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