Gallery Three - Seagulls
These gull photographs were taken by Lesley at Eyemouth, Northumberland.

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Image 1
Young seagull
An immature gull studies the camera carefully.

Image 2
Herring Gull (Larus argentatus)
The most common of the larger gulls.

Image 3
Plodding about
and contrasting beautifully with the blue but rather messy drum.

Image 4
Waiting for lunch
Always alert and waiting for the next meal, the herring gull will eat virtually anything.

Image 5
A worried looking young gull.

Image 6
On the bonnet
This seagull took great delight in tramping up and down on a car bonnet. Luckily the owner was absent.

Image 7
Cold stare
Nothing escapes the gulls' steely gaze.

Image 8
Young gull
With a breeding population estimated at 300,000 pairs, the herring gull is the most common and familiar of our larger gulls.

Image 9
Good lookout
Keeping watch for food.