Plinth Man 2009
Bryan makes a stand on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square

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Real video - 35Mb .rm

Chiltern Steam Rally 2008
Lesley, Margaret and Michael surrounded by steam

Windows media - 34Mb .wmv
Real video -

Cousins' Walk 2008
On the 26th July 2008 five of the seven grandchildren of Mabel Norris and Sydney Lamb met for a walk in Gloucestershire

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Cousins' Walk 2009
On the 19th September 2009 the six surviving grandchildren and one of the great grandchildren of Mabel Norris and Sydney Lamb met at Symonds Yat for a walk

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Frere Jacques
Lesley playing her first cello tune for many years

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Real video - 1.3Mb .rm

Fairground organ
One of the Amersham Fairground Museum's more unusual exhibits

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Greylag geese
Adult and young at Willen Lake, Milton Keynes, though more like a scene
from Jurassic Park

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Blackbird's nest
Scenes from a blackbird's nest built in a honeysuckle on the side of our garage

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Real video - 1  2

Alice and the foxes
Alice remains calm when confronted by two hungry foxes in the early morning
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Alice keeps the not-so-brave fox in its place
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Feeding the foxes
A brave fox, a timid fox and a one-eyed fox appear for supper/breakfast

Brave fox feeding - Windows media 3.8Mb .wmv - Real video 4.8Mb .rm
Brave fox feeding - Windows media 5.5Mb .wmv - Real video 7Mb .rm
Brave fox feeding - Windows media 6Mb .wmv - Real video 7.8Mb .rm

Timid fox feeding - Windows media 2.3Mb .wmv - Real video 2.9Mb .rm
Timid fox feeding - Windows media 2.8Mb .wmv - Real video 3.6Mb .rm

One-eyed fox feeding - Windows media 7.1Mb .wmv - Real video 9Mb .rm

Fox and hedgehog sharing food - Windows media 3.6Mb .wmv - Real video 4.5Mb .rm

Ungrateful fox finishes meal - Windows media 592Kb .wmv - Real video 709Kb .rm

Fighting hedgehogs
A hedgehog takes a spin at suppertime
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